What about conservation and education?

Bringing exotic animals into our homes and schools may damage understanding of conservation efforts

Many mobile petting zoo companies advertise themselves as a great opportunity for children to learn about important conservation issues and many parents and teachers book animal parties and events for this very purpose. But the vast majority of animal species held by the companies considered during research carried out in 2013 belong to species that are not threatened in the wild. On the other hand, earlier research has shown that endangered wild animals being presented in human-oriented settings may actually damage public perceptions of conservation efforts[1]. So whether threatened in the wild or not, mobile zoos do not seem to be beneficial to conservation.

If you are thinking of booking a mobile zoo company, please reconsider and, instead, explore the animal-friendly alternatives section of this website!

If you are a teacher or group leader, why not try out some of our free teaching packs which offer a fantastic, curriculum-based alternative to a live animal show.